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How Out Texas Rep. Celia Israel Put Voting Rights First in 2021

“Celia Israel, a member of the Texas House of Representatives, stood for her principles this year even though it meant personal sacrifice. She was set to marry her partner of 26 years, Celinda Garza, on the House floor July 15, but she ended up leaving Texas for Washington, D.C., three days earlier with more than 50 other House Democrats so there would not be the number of representatives required to vote on a Republican-backed voter suppression bill.”


Texas Democrats Faced Criticism for Fleeing to D.C.—But These Lawmakers See Their Gamble as a Deeply Personal Battle for the Future of Their State

“The day before Thompson spoke so emphatically in Virginia, representative Celia Israel celebrated her 57th birthday, if it can be called a celebration so far from family and most friends. It was supposed to have been her wedding day, too. Another Texas Democrat, Israel—a Latina who represents a district that includes Austin— had planned to wed her partner of 26 years, Celinda Garza, in a ceremony on the Texas House of Representatives floor, then honeymoon in Big Bend National Park. Instead, she found herself here at the U.S. Capitol in a small room, all dark wood paneling and gilded light fixtures, enumerating just what was at stake in that power battle back home.”

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Hasty Exits and Dashed Plans as State Democrats Leave Texas to Block Voting Bill

“WASHINGTON — For many Democrats in the Texas House, the decision to leave the state on Monday to temporarily block the passage of a restrictive voting law upended a lot of plans, but few more so than Representative Celia Israel, who postponed her wedding.
After learning a day earlier that 50 of her colleagues were rushing ahead with an 11th-hour trip to Washington to deny Republicans a quorum, which is required to conduct state business, Ms. Israel called off the ceremony in a matter of hours. “It wasn’t a fun day when I had to tell my partner, Sunday, as she’s getting measured by a seamstress for her wedding outfit, that we were about to break quorum,” she said.”

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State Rep. Celia Israel announces run for Austin mayor

Austin American-Statesman

Texas House Democrat Celia Israel announces run for Austin mayor

The Austin Chronicle

Election Ticker: Race for Austin's Next Mayor Heats Up


State Rep. Celia Israel announces 2022 run for Austin mayor