1. Demand a Better Deal and Better Vision on I-35 from TxDOT

I-35 has been the historical dividing line in Austin, separating East and West, and long associated with exacerbating racial divides. We have before us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine this traffic nightmare and scar on Austin’s history and urban fabric. We must embrace a vision that moves lanes underground, caps the highway with an urban park, and creates meaningful connections between East and West Austin, and to multi-modal transit.

  • Negotiate with TxDOT and demand a better plan.
  • Ensure the state and federal government picks up its share of funding.
  • Insist on transit connectors that promote increased mobility.



2. Deliver on the Vision of Project Connect

It’s important to remember that public transit bonds have gone before Austin voters multiple times, but only recently have city leaders shown the courage to address long range challenges, connect transit with housing policies to protect quality of life and address affordability issues, and address long neglected equity issues.  After a broad coalition of voters approved Project Connect, we have to acknowledge we had a pandemic, international wars, supply chain issues and rising costs. The responsibility falls on the next Mayor to honor voters’ expectations, ensure the greatest return on investment, and not back away from equity challenges.

  • Fund Project Connect and make the path to light rail a reality in our city.
  • Create bus lanes, and build protected bike lanes and sidewalks so everyone has a safe, affordable, and pollution-free option of moving around Austin.
  • Recognize this won’t happen overnight; it will take a steady eye and a mayor assuring that tax dollars get us the biggest bang for our buck and that we fulfill the high equity expectations voters had in 2020.

3. Reduce Crashes, Reduce Deaths, Promote Safety

We must always elevate safety as a priority, not allowing ourselves to become desensitized to needless crashes and deaths. 

  • Fully embrace Vision Zero, and build on successes in reducing traffic fatalities.
  • We must continue the city's good work prioritizing transportation safety improvements for all road users along our most dangerous routes and work with TxDOT to bring down the 3 out 4 deaths that happen on state roads.
  • Invest in local multimodal infrastructure improvements targeted through the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, along with city transportation data gathered on high-crash roadways that result in death or severe injury, in order to achieve the city's Vision Zero goal.

4. Innovation and Raising Up Good Ideas

  • Support partnerships between CapMetro and qualified partners to provide reduced or free rides for senior citizens, teachers, first responders, or individuals living below 150% of the poverty level.
  • Embrace the future of transportation, and ensure that Austin is a place for innovation in the transit sector.
  • Explore areas where the City can capture value for charging stations for all vehicle types as we grow our percentage of electric vehicles.