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I came to Austin in the Summer of 1982. I was all of 17 years old. Far from home, far from friends, far from family; I was excited to be here, but scared at the same time.


I was a young, gay Latina stepping out into the world for the very first time. I graduated from the University of Texas, served in the Ann Richards administration, met the love of my life, became a realtor, and later, a member of the Texas House of Representatives. 


This city forged me into who I am today. I find energy in Austin and power in its people. Diversity is our strength. We share ideas and fight injustice through our activism. We are always ready to lend a hand to our neighbors in need. Our city vibrates with opportunity and excitement as each one of us blazes our own path. 

That path feels increasingly out of reach for the people who make Austin unique. Our city deserves a mayor who works for the people who live here and who build the city around us: our teachers, construction workers, students, public service workers, artists, musicians, technologists, developers, and so many more. 


We can’t be a city that attracts billionaires while simultaneously pushing working people to Bastrop and Buda. We need a city that invests in the people who live and work here. 


We have this opportunity to break up the status quo and accomplish our shared vision for this great city. We can make housing more affordable, so the people who drive our economy can put down roots in the community they serve. We can make our community safer and healthier by strengthening our safety nets and investing in our people. We can make it easier to get around town by building a world-class public transportation system. 


As your next mayor, I pledge to be a Mayor for ALL of Austin. Everyday Austinites should lead the future of our great city.


Together, we can build a better city for the people who build this city.

— Celia

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